Pedicab to a Mariner’s Game Feet

On the way to the Mariner’s game with Gregg when we get offered a free ride to the hot dog stand.



2 thoughts on “Pedicab to a Mariner’s Game Feet

  1. Hey, that’s me driving! One of the many great views you can continually see from the back of a pedicab (I do have to admit, I have quite awesome calves haha). Also realizing that ankle socks and Doc Martens are a bad choice. Time to get some Chuck Taylors ^_^.

    Funny I stumbled upon this page… I’ve been randomly using Google for the past couple years searching in every different combo of words that might result in finding a picture of myself. I have had a shockingly high amount of people take my picture, and I guess it turned me into a bit of an attention whore. Go figure, right?

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