Another Weekday Beach Sunset Feet

Sunset beach feet in my “boating” shoes. Since I lost a flip flop on a floating mission I have no beach sandals so it’s these or my heels. Though I like to believe that if I wear these my “dream man” with a boat will come. Yeah… right.



Pool or Shopping? Why Not Both Feet!

As I was on my way home from a long day (preceded by a long night out) I was trying to make the hardest decision of my Friday night. Relax by the pool before the sun fades away or stop in at my favorite shop, Buffalo Exchange.

I decided on the third option,half an hour doing each. First I took a dip in the pool and got some needed downtime with the New Yorker and a cold Rainier.


Then it was off to the shop in search of adequate clothing to wear to a yacht rock party. I actually couldn’t believe my good fortune when I spotted these babies!


Floating My First River Feet!


I’m a bit late to the upload, but this past Sunday I hit my first of 4 summertime goals; floating my first river. My feet lounged in a pile of rafts waiting for others to inflate theirs.


Then these feet hit the water! And no Seattle summertime adventure is complete without some trusty Rainier beer.


By the end I was only down one flip flop and a lot less polish on my toenails. All in all it was  a great Sunday in the summer sun.



The Ultimate Anywhere My Feet Go

A friend’s FB post reminded me that today marked the 44th anniversary of the best possible feet shot ever with the moon landing.



Repotting a Plant Feet

I repotted my big floor plant today. The cool thing about this plant is its older than I am, perhaps older than my sister even. So the last thing I want is to kill the guy,though I tend to be a bit lazy in proper plant care. It’s kinda neat having a living thing that’s passed down through the family and I’d like to be able to do the same one day.



I May Need to Buy This Table Lamp Feet.


I May Need to Buy This Table Lamp Feet.

I mean, hot pink, zebra print, and the fact that they’re high heel shoes! I really do think this belongs on top of my dresser or at my desk at work. Not a fan of the lamps shade though so I think I’d switch it out for a basic black string drum shade.


Rocking out Poolside Feet

Lounging poolside while rocking out to the soundtrack from Dirty Girl. Speaking of, I highly (highly!) recommend this movie. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love the music. Do it.