About These Feet

It all started last June with playfully taking the token lady beach feet in the sand photo and expanding it to ferry feet, harbor feet, boat feet (can you tell I live near water?), etc. After a few consecutive postings of only my feet on Facebook one of my cousins asked what was up with them. I liked the idea of telling people what I was up to without doing the whole turn-the-camera-around-and-take-my-own-picture-while-trying-to-get-part-of-the-background-in-there.

It wasn’t until I upgraded to a smartphone – Blackberries may think they are smart, but nope… not in the least – that I was able to start the kind of photo blog I had in mind. Then came all the walking to and from the bus feet in all the seasons, waiting for trains to pass feet, holey tights feet, and showing off my new shoes while I sit at happy hour in the sun feet. Almost a year later of continuos blogging and it’s funny how I now see the ground I walk over in a different light.

Almost a year of posting you say? But I don’t see more than a handful of posts on this site. Well, unfortunately I decided to switch blogging sites so this one is brand spankin’ new with minimal posts, but soon it will be filled with bittersweet photos of the end of summer feet along with ones from the archives as I copy some of the best over to this site.


3 thoughts on “About These Feet

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  2. I have occasionally been taking pictures of my feet. Yesterday I bought 2 pairs of boots and taken photos of feet on those new boots and posted on my facebook page. Today I stumbled upon your blog with photos on feet too.. So it has been an Awesome Feet Day for me. Great idea and photos you have posted and blogged about. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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