A Bright Outfit for an Otherwise Dreary Day

It was a greyish day out here in the PNW, but that didn’t stop me from wearing my new pink sundress from Buffalo Exchange along with my coral peeptoe heels.



Upcoming Wine Country Weekend Trip


These feet are planning a trip to go grape crushing this October. Hopefully they’ll fare better than this lady’s did…


I Went to a Vineyard and all I Bought Was This Magnet Feet

Well… all I bought was a magnet plus three bottles of wine from the vineyard when I was visiting my hometown last weekend. I thought this magnet was pretty fitting for me. Heels and wine? I do indeed work for both those things.



Corn Dog at the Fair Feet

When in Rome right? Headed to the fair with my sister, niece, and mom today and had me a corn dog, pie, and a humongous plate of curly fries.



Waiting for the Ferry Feet

Waiting for the boat to head up to the island for the weekend. Luckily these feet aren’t overloaded and are making the late afternoon sailing. Phew! Ready for a beer though as all the tourists are already getting to me…



En Route to Watch the Sunset Feet

I had some free time this evening so I decided to take my bike Rhoda to the beach nearby for the sunset. Highlights of the night include a guy coming over to talk, who I thought was cute from a distance, but really isn’t upon closer inspection and almost witnessing a fight between an old guy and some dad. Cheers to city beaches!


The sunset through Rhoda’s spokes was pretty cool though.



Trying to Decide Which Heels are More Business Like


Trying to Decide Which Heels are More Business Like

While packing for a long weekend business trip in Dallas I decided to bring some heels along just in case I want to wear them at night. I’m not sure if my feet will allow it as I’ll be walking showrooms all day long, but better safe than sorry!

Now to decide… purple pumps with bows or heels with studs…