Waiting for the Ferry Feet

Waiting for the boat to head up to the island for the weekend. Luckily these feet aren’t overloaded and are making the late afternoon sailing. Phew! Ready for a beer though as all the tourists are already getting to me…



Another Weekday Beach Sunset Feet

Sunset beach feet in my “boating” shoes. Since I lost a flip flop on a floating mission I have no beach sandals so it’s these or my heels. Though I like to believe that if I wear these my “dream man” with a boat will come. Yeah… right.


Pool or Shopping? Why Not Both Feet!

As I was on my way home from a long day (preceded by a long night out) I was trying to make the hardest decision of my Friday night. Relax by the pool before the sun fades away or stop in at my favorite shop, Buffalo Exchange.

I decided on the third option,half an hour doing each. First I took a dip in the pool and got some needed downtime with the New Yorker and a cold Rainier.


Then it was off to the shop in search of adequate clothing to wear to a yacht rock party. I actually couldn’t believe my good fortune when I spotted these babies!